This Week in Retail: Getting customers to pay full price, analyzing the top retail brands, and more

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Hi and welcome to our latest This Week in Retail roundup! Today we have articles on Amazon’s innovations, omnichannel retail, customer experience, and more.

Read away!

1. Amazon’s 3 game changers – More nails in retailer’s coffins! – What does Amazon do better than any other retailer? The company can adapt to change and innovate like no other merchant. In this post, Chris Petersen lists three of Amazon’s biggest game changers, and urges retailers to not only take notice, but to proactively find ways to adapt and transform so they can keep up with modern shoppers.

2. Omni-channel comes to retail … but what does it really mean in-store? – While ecommerce and mobile are integral components of omnichannel retail, let’s not forget the role of stores—or to be more specific, the role of store associates when it comes to implementing omnichannel. Read Kevin Graff’s recent post on the topic to learn more about what you and your associates can do to ensure that your omnichannel strategy translates in-store.

3. Analyzing the top 10 global retail brands of 2015 – Tony D’Onofrio’s recent post “summarizes the top 10 apparel, luxury, general retail category trends and extracts key research insights.” In addition to offering valuable info about retail’s top brands, Tony also shares his thoughts on the importance of building a store brand and why it’s critical to retail success.

4. Fueling the promise-making machine: considerations to ensure your brand delivers –In this post, Mike Wittenstein shares insights on what it takes to deliver—and maintain—awesome customer experiences. He talks about the overlap between service design and customer experience design, the importance of storytelling (or “story living”), and the roadblocks you might face when executing your CX strategy.

5. Here’s how one retailer gets customers to pay full price – At Express, it look like customers aren’t just buying new products—they’re actually paying full price for them. What’s their secret? This post looks into the tactics that the apparel retailer implemented to improve their assortments and reduce promotions. Check it out and see if you can apply any of their tips in your business.



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