This Week in Retail: Making your store showroom-proof, boosting your mobile strategy, and more

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Hey Venders,

We’re back with our weekly roundup of excellent retail posts. This time, we have posts on back-to-school shopping trends, effective marketing tactics, retail story-telling and more.


1. Infographic: Top 2014 back-to-school and college trends – Back-to-school season is in full swing, so it’s important that retailers understand the trends and data surrounding this year’s BTS shoppers. To make that easier for you, the NRF has published this infographic detailing the trends and shopping habits of millennials (particularly college students) this season.

2. 4 location-based marketing tactics that are working – In marketing, “payments, beacons, and coupons are top priorities,” writes Lauren Johnson of AdWeek. She gives us four great examples of companies using the marketing world’s trendiest technologies (i.e. beacons, mobile) to reach consumers. It’s a quick but great read and it could give you ideas on how to use technology in your business.

3. Three retail trends you can’t ignore, on display now at New York’s Story – When it comes to providing awesome customer experiences, Mike O’Toole writes that retailers can learn a thing or two from Story, a store-slash-magazine-slash gallery that’s rebuilt from scratch every six to eight weeks around particular themes. The store collaborates with brands and helps them tell their stories through unique, showroom-proof experiences. Check out the article to read more about what they’re doing and find ways to apply some of their tactics in your own store.

4. The future of retail and are physical stores making a come back? – In her latest LinkedIn post, Amanda Berglove talks about how brick-and-mortar stores are making a comeback and what e-tailers can do to compete. It’s a must-read especially if you have a bricks-and-clicks business.

5. How Foot Locker is using mobile to reach millennials – FierceMobileRetail caught up with Foot Locker CEO Ken Hicks to talk about their mobile strategy. What makes it so successful? How are they doing it? Find the answers to these questions in their interview and see if you can pick up insights to boost your own mobile efforts.


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