This Week in Retail: Serving the modern consumer, having a consistent omnichannel strategy, and more

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How can you put the “omni” in omnichannel? Can retailers learn a thing or two from fishing? How can you wean shoppers off discounts? Our latest This Week in Retail roundup answers all those questions and more. So put your reading cap on and check out what we have in store:

1. Customer experience is everyone’s job – Customer experience should be a shared responsibility and vision, writes Dan McAuliffe on CMS Wire. In this insightful piece he shares why everyone in your team–whether they’re in customer service or not–should care about the customer experience and he offers great advice on how companies can empower team members to do so.

2. Three lessons digital retailers can learn from fishing – What can fishing teach you about modern retailing? Quite a bit, apparently. Dan Berthiaume of Chain Store Age shares a number of fishing-centric tips that retailers can apply in their digital strategies. Check out what he has to say and see if you can put them into action in your own business.

3. Putting the ‘omni’ in ‘omni-channel’ takes a consistent strategy – If you’re having trouble implementing your ominchannel retail strategy, perhaps these insights from Kelsey Lindsey will help. According to her, “through unique content and a memorable brand experience across all channels, retailers can stay competitive with smart omni-channel operations.” Read her tips on consistency to learn how to do just that.

4. Retailers: don’t get stuck in the deep discount dilemma – Are your customers addicted to discounts? Do they constantly use their phone to price check, and do they have the habit of waiting for you to slash your prices before buying? If so, check out this post by Drew Rayman. He shares five useful advice (+ real life examples) on how you can use technology to “wean shoppers off discounts.”

5. 10 trending changes in customers and customer service expectations – In his latest Forbes piece, Micah Solomon talks about 10 trends that are shaping people’s customer service expectations. A must-read for any retailer, this article discusses what businesses need to do to keep up with the needs of modern consumers.

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