This Week in Retail: The strength of independent retail, connecting with millennials, and creating effective retail signage.

This week, we celebrate the strength of independent retailers and small businesses around the world, looking at what they’re doing to continue growth, how they’re attracting millennials, and also a few succinct tips for producing welcoming and eye-catching signage. Click away!

1. Celebrating independent retailers and their strong futures.

It’s Independent Retailer Month in the US, and this Forbes article looks at the ways independent retailers are growing and thriving, through technology that lets them know their customers better, and treat them better too.

2. Connecting with millennial shoppers in the age of technology.

Millennials: they’re young, tech-savvy, and notoriously difficult to sell to . Here are 5 ways retailers can use in-store technology and sales techniques to encourage millennials to buy from their stores.

3. How small retail stores can gain ground against the big box players.

The strength of small businesses is in their ability to be personable. Retailers need to take advantage of their size and agility, and this quick article from ShoppinPal lays out three ways small business owners can succeed by deliver what the big guys can’t.

4. Apps to help run your small business.

Whether you are a solopreneur or own a small business with multiple employees finding easy and affordable quality solutions is a constant challenge. This list from Huffington Post has

5. Looking for  ideas for designing your store? Check out our Retail Design board on Pinterest!

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