What’s New in Vend – July

Line Item Discount


Line Item Discounts make it easier for you to apply percentage discounts to individual products during a sale. Just hit the Unit Price button on the Sell Screen, and the popup will present you with a new option to enter in a discount.

The popup remembers if you used the Line Item Discounts or Unit Price tab last, and displays that by default – which will be useful for retailers who use one of these functions more than the others. Please note: if you clear your cache, the default tab will go back to Discount.


Vend + Shopify Product Behavior

To improve the service and reliability of the Vend + Shopify integration, we’re changing how products are managed between the two systems. Right now users can pick one of three options for how products are handled and created – 1) Vend is the master, pushing information to Shopify; 2) Shopify is the master, pushing information to Vend; or 3) products can be created in either system and synced up later.

Unfortunately, Shopify’s web hooks (what we use to sync products between Vend and Shopify) cannot be relied on to be real-time, which often causes problems for our retailers. This is why from Friday 8 August (NZ Time), we’re disabling two-way syncing and enforcing that Vend is where products are initially created.

Don’t worry, your Shopify integration with Vend will continue to work, but now you’ll need to create products in Vend before editing them in Shopify. This only applies to products that appear in both your online store and your point-of-sale.

This will also allow us to make some much-needed improvements to the Vend + Shopify integration, and clean up bugs which have frustrated many of our customers.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team (support@vendhq.com).


Print Barcodes on Stock Received

We’ve fixed the issue where barcodes would mistakenly print by the number of products ordered, instead of the number of products actually received.


iPad App 

  • Next week we’ll be doing some behind-the-scenes upgrades to the Vend iPad App. We request that all retailers upgrade to v0.9 as soon as possible, as the sell screen on the iPad App will no longer work for versions below it after this time. As always, this is a free upgrade and it doesn’t affect Vend retailers using Macs or PCs. For more information, check out this Help Center article.
  • We’ve updated Linea Tab integrations.
  • We’ve updated Socket Scanner integrations.

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