We’re on the Road Again: Join Vend + Iridium at Xero Roadshow 2019 in South Africa

Last year our local expert partner Iridium represented Vend at the Xero Roadshow in South Africa and we’re delighted to share they’ll be back again for 2019! The Iridium team will be on the ground at the Xero Roadshow 2019 South Africa on the 14th May in Johannesburg and 16th May in Capetown.

The Xero Roadshow 2019 South Africa is a great chance to learn about what’s new in the South African accounting industry. All the industry experts and leaders will be there, including the Iridium team’s brilliant Director and Managing Director, Peter Magner and Simon Magner.

Register for the event at xero.com/za/events/roadshow/.

Event details:

14 May:  Sandton Convention Centre, 161 Maude Street, Sandown, Johannesburg, 2196

16 May: Cape Town International Convention Centre. Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8001

Vend and Iridium share a passion for helping retailers run their businesses with the perfect software solution, and give them the modern tools they need to grow and be successful in today’s retail climate. Vend’s point of sale software integrates beautifully with Xero’s accounting platform so that retailers can see more, know more and do more by having their retail management and accounting sync in real-time.

When Vend and Xero are integrated, Vend will automatically send daily sales, account sales, payment totals and stock orders from Vend to Xero. The integration allows retailers and their financial advisors to reconcile payment deposits in retailers bank accounts each day, and match payments made to suppliers against stock order invoices and payments from invoiced customers. For more information on how Vend and Xero work together to help retailers run and grow their businesses, go to vendhq.com/uk/xero-pos.

Discover how the right software solutions can help your biz take off!

Small businesses are at the heart of South Africa, with a recent study by The Small Business Institute finding 98.5% of South Africa’s economy is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises (SEMs), which creates 28% of all jobs. But unfortunately 70% of emerging small businesses fail within the first two years of operation.

It’s crucial to have the right software solution in store for retail success. The Iridium team helped set up South Africa’s first certified LEGO store, Great Yellow Brick, who also use Vend integrated with Xero, Shopify and Yoco.

Hayley Greenstein, co-founder and co-owner of Great Yellow Brick, found getting set up with Vend “quick and easy” and a “pain-free process” thanks to Vend’s easy to use software and experienced on-the-ground help from Iridium. When opening the store, Great Yellow Brick knew they needed a point of sale that integrated with other world-class retail apps like Xero, to make sure they had the time and flexibility to create amazing in-store experiences.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how retail businesses like Great Yellow Brick are using integrated cloud technology Vend + Xero to win, then come along to the Xero Roadshow and talk to the Iridium team about Vend’s Advisor Program and the benefits of your retail clients using Vend and Xero. Anyone can be a Vend advisor – including accountants, bookkeepers and consultants.

The Vend Advisor Program is designed for people who want to spread the Vend word, earn commission and provide their contacts and clients with useful software and valuable services.  We have a Partner Dashboard to track leads and commission, offer training to get you certified and provide promotional tools to easily promote your value-added services. Vend or an Expert Partner, like Iridium, will take care of the Vend side of the setup, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Again, you can register for the event at xero.com/za/events/roadshow/. See you there!

About Lucia Afanasy

Lucia joined Vend in New Zealand in 2017 before flying across the world to join the London team. She works on all things marketing across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Her passions and work experience include retail, production, and social media. When she’s not in the office, Lucia loves exploring London, planning trips, and trying to keep her plants alive.