Use hardware you already own

Vend is flexible and versatile. If you’re currently using another point of sale system, Vend might work with your printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer. Vend works on any device with a web-browser, so your iPad, desktop computer or laptop could already be good to go.

Check our list of compatible hardware.

Buy new hardware

With plug & play support for printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers, you don’t need to be an IT genius to get set up. Our recommended hardware will work seamlessly with Vend and you’ll have access to award-winning hardware support if you get stuck.

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Get set up simply

We’re here ready to help with guides, walkthroughs, and email support. Or perhaps get a personal visit from one of our Vend Expert partners found around the world that can also provide your business with integration services. It’s easy to get set up with Vend.

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All-in-one Vend bundles.

Get everything you need to get selling straight out of the box, as a system, complete with clear instructions.

Vend POS hardware Mac Bundle

Mac bundle

Includes a Mac-compatible printer, cash drawer and scanner to get you started with your existing Mac.

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Vend POS hardware PC Bundle

PC bundle

Includes a PC-compatible printer, cash drawer and scanner to get you started with your existing PC.

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Vend POS hardware iPad Bundle

iPad bundle

Includes an iPad stand, printer, cash drawer and optional accessories to get you started with your existing iPad.

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Individual hardware

Don't need an entire hardware bundle? Choose just what you need, from printers and scanners, to receipt paper.

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Get set up, simply.

Use our guides, get our help or perhaps have one of our local experts come in and get everything going for you.

Help Center

We have a range of guides, videos and articles to help you get started. Very likely, your question is already answered. We help you from connecting your hardware, right through to troubleshooting.

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Customer support

If you’re using a Vend-recommended printer, cash drawer or barcode scanner, our award-winning support team can help you with any hardware enquiry or setup question. Fire away!

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Local Vend Experts

Looking for a tailored hardware solution and on-site setup services? Vend has Expert Partners all over the world that are able to head in, help you set everything up in person, and train you and your staff.

Find a Vend partner near you.

Process payments easily with Vend.

However your customers choose to pay you, Vend makes it simple to make the sale.

Vend partners with leading payment processors around the globe to help you accept debit and credit card payments, including contactless payments and Apple Pay. You can also choose to work with your preferred merchant service provider.

Learn how to accept payments with Vend, and find out which integrated payment partner is available in your region.

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Using a payments terminal

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